Qhasana Courtyard Gets a Face Lift

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One of the objectives of Building Maintenance Unit is to provide professional advisory services, infrastructure planning, design, construction management and control as implementing agent on behalf of the client department.

In addition to this, the programme also pro-actively manages and maintains the provincial government property portfolio, ensures that land and buildings are accounted for, are effectively utilised and maintained in relation to required norms and standards.

The Unit has recently installed a Ventilation Heating System at the Canteen, Qhasana building. The project was initiated in order for the area to be adequately used for staff gatherings whenever there are announcements and staff meetings. An effective Air Conditioning System will allow for a fresh air circulation in the area. The project commenced in June 2018 and ran a period of four (4) months as the completion was towards the end of 2018.

The project costed about R1, 566, 335.40 and the area has been equipped with a fully functional air-conditioning system that circulates fresh air during the meetings.

“The upgrade has improved the image of the building and the new image has also given a fresh feel to the internal areas of the Canteen”, said Norman Bholi who is a Quantity Surveyor at Building Maintenance.  

Ncedo Mafuya who is attached to the Strategic Management Unit shared his sentiments about the state of the Canteen and how he stands to benefit as an employee from this improvement. “The canteen is an ideal place for departmental employees to gather, but before the installation of the Air-conditioning System, the space was unbearable, especially on sunny days.  The Canteen will now be the ideal space for large gatherings and also a space to socialise”, said Mafuya.

Written by:Yanga Yiba
Pictures by:Yanga Yiba