Provincial Exco outreach in Matatiele Alfred Nzo Region.

You are currently viewing Provincial Exco outreach in Matatiele Alfred Nzo Region.

Hon MEC Babalo Madikizela took part in the Provincial Exco outreach at the Alfred Nzo district. He visited the Tholang Senior Secondary School and Khotsong Tuberculosis Hospital in Matatiele.

In Tholang Senior Secondary School, the Hon MEC handed over 600 desks with chairs and 200 sanitary towel for learners. “Imfundo yomntu omnyama ibalulekile, the freedom we have will go down the drain without education’’ said Hon MEC Madikizela.

Currently the school is on 98% completion stage. “For maintenance the school must request the Department of Public Works so that it can use the currently trained Artisan to be deployed and do the work” said Hon MEC Madikizela.

He further encouraged that the school should utilise the land to plant vegetables that can assist on school nutrition and can generate profit by supplying local stores. Since the department has adopted the Alfred Nzo region, the school has been automatically adopted as well.

Hon MEC later proceeded to Khotsong TB Hospital which is still under construction with a project value of R465 million with fourteen 14 local Small Micro Medium Enterprises (SMME’s) contractors awarded contracts.

In his closing remarks he said that he is glad that the main contractor of Khotsong TB Hospital has taken Small Medium Micro Enterprises beneficiation seriously to an extent that 35% of the project comprises of SMMEs.

Written by: Thandeka Faku, Nokuzola Mbuqe, Kwatsha Luvuyo
Pictures by: Kwatsha Luvuyo