To provide specialist services to client departments in terms of building and infrastructure planning, design, construction, management and maintenance and to play an “implementing agent” role for client departments in relation to their individual building and infrastructure needs.

Priority 2: Economic Transformation and Job Creation
Priority 3: Education, Skills and Health
Priority 5: Spatial Integration, Human Settlements and Local Government

PDP Goal 1: Innovative and inclusive growing economy
PDP Goal 2: An enabling infrastructure network
PDP Goal 3: An innovative and high-value agriculture and rural sector
PDP Goal 4: Human Development
PDP Goal 5: Environmental sustainability

From Poverty…to Provincial Prosperity. Productive Asset and Infrastructure Investment Optimal utilisation of the State Asset Portfolio to increase direct domestic and / or foreign investment.
This will enable rapid development of high-potential economic sectors, spatially balanced economy, sector transformation, revenue generation, creation of more decent and sustainable jobs through public employment
opportunities and mobilisation of more funding for rehabilitation, refurbishment and replacement of ageing infrastructure.
  • Revenue generation
  • Revenue retention
From Poor…to thriving citizens

From inequality …to equal access to descent standard of living (economic activity, employment, quality education)

Transformed and inclusive property and construction industry (built environment)
  • Promote Equity Ownership to ensure that each project accommodates youth and designated person’s as SMMEs and employees
  • Provide opportunities for long-term leases either through shareholding or voting rights to black-owned and women-owned enterprises.
  • Release land properties for spatial transformation and social justice to address land restitution claims and tenure upgrading.
  • Transfer of Public Service Infrastructure (PSI) sites and former Village Management Board sites to Municipal ownership.
  • Prioritise Skills development to support growth in targeted sectors of the economy
  • Facilitate professional registrations.
From inequality …to equal access to government services Improved Immovable Asset Management and Custodianship of all Provincial Assets and Facilities Strengthened mechanisms for integrated immovable asset and infrastructure lifecycle plannin
  • Ensure credibility of information in the Immovable Asset Register (IAR) by continuously verifying and recording updated information in accordance with the mandatory requirements of National Treasury. This will ensure accurate and evidence-based
    lifecycle planning;
  • Commission Municipal land use audits to research into specific land uses as part of the IAR maintenance.
  • Survey 1 324 unsurveyed State Domestic Functions (SDFs) over four (4) years so as to obtain Title Deeds for Provincial Asset Register and enable Municipalities to levy rates and taxes.
  • Undertake vesting of State Land (2400 properties identified as requiring confirmation of vesting in the name of the Province.
  • Implement the new Standard for the Accounting and Reporting of Immovable assets issued in February 2020
Dignified Client Experience Providing reasonable functional accommodation and facilities management services that facilitates the attainment of user departments’ service delivery objectives and the delivery of frontline services that are suited to the requirements
of the public.
  • Develop and Implement the Office Accommodation Plan in accordance with the needs of the user Departments.
  • Construction of Cluster Offices as one-stop shops to enable easy access to government services.
  • Provision of quality Prestige Services that meet satisfactory service standards.
  • Establish and operationalise a 24 hr Business Customer Service Centre (Call Centre) to ensure timely response to reported faults especially in relation to the Prestige Portfolio.
  • Continuously assess the condition of state facilities to inform Immovable Asset Management (IAM) investment decisions
Social (Infrastructure Delivery (Capital and Maintenance)
  • As an implementing Agent of choice, strengthen capacity to package and deliver projects within scope, time and budget.
  • Strengthen contracts management and performance; oversight of implementing / sub-implementing agents, principal agents and term-contractors for infrastructure projects.
  • Construction of prioritized basic infrastructure for DOE& DOH (sanitation, fencing and hostels), continuously replacing unsafe school buildings and sanitation service and ensure that public ordinary schools as well as PHC centres
    meet the basic services norms and standards (e.g. Structural, OHS, Environmental, access for people with disabilities, space norms for various sectors).
  • Design, construct and repurpose public infrastructure to ensure accessibility for persons living with disabilities;
  • Develop and implement a Facilities Management Model and restructure the Facilities and Maintenance function to ensure effective maintenance of state-owned buildings
Reduction of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions to remaining within the emissions trajectory range.
  • Implement Green Infrastructure to create facilities that have the ability to adapt to climate change.
Capable, Ethical and Developmental institution of the state. Transversal infrastructure coordination Improved infrastructure planning, delivery, operations and maintenance of the enabling infrastructure network.
  • Portfolio, Programme and Project Planning support: Coordinate integrated infrastructure planning and prioritisation for Public Works sector and all PSPs to enable efficient budgeting processes across all spheres
    of government (local, provincial, sector & national)
  • Methodology Management: Customize IDMS body of knowledge and its implementation across all Infrastructure Programmes and Projects in the province;
  • Infrastructure delivery Monitoring and Reporting: Collate monthly reports submitted by IAs and present a consolidated infrastructure progress reports (infrastructure dashboard) to the Provincial structures;
  • P3M Governance Structure Coordination: Develop / Review TOR and set up required governance structures for P3M
    (e.g. Gate Review, Deliverables quality reviews; Infrastructure Planning and Implementation Working Group). Develop, provide and maintain secretariat services to governance structures to ensure that governance structures
    function effectively;
  • Financial Management and audit support: Render overall financial management support to provincial infrastructure delivery departments and municipalities to ensure audit readiness & compliance with relevant
    legislation; budget management, control through financial analysis of project performance (actuals versus budget); identification and closing of data deficiencies
  • Infrastructure Repository /Records Management Services: Warehouse and update infrastructure portfolio; programme and project repository of documents and records to ensure reuse of specific documentation and information
    from other projects;