To provide leadership, administrative, strategic, financial and corporate support services to the core programmes of the department in order to ensure that it delivers on its mandate in an integrated, efficient, effective and sustainable manner.

Priority 1: A capable, Ethical and Developmental state
Priority 3: Education, Skills and Health
Priority 7: A better Africa and World
PDP Goal 6: Capable democratic institutions

Capable, Ethical and Developmental institution of the state. Resilient and Capacitated Public Works Transformed, Integrated and Innovative Service Delivery;
  • Integrated Planning across all spheres (local, provincial, sector & national) and across programs and sub-programs;
  • Integrated Monitoring System for performance accountability (Departmental M&E, Provincial Clusters, Sector / MINMEC);
  • Implement Operations Management Framework (OMF) to improve service delivery
Improved governance and accountability;
  • Effective implementation of Enterprise Risk Management; Ethics, Fraud and Anti-corruption plans; Combined Assurance Programme and strategy to reduce litigations against DPWI;
Skilled and Capable DPWI workforce including, technical, leadership and management staff;
  • Improve HR effectiveness by capacitation of DPWI through the new structure, implementation of the HR Plan; the HR Development
    and Talent Management Strategy including skills development, enabling registration of professionals and gender mainstreaming empowerment and equality
    including development of youth and persons living with disability.
Prudent and sustainable management of departmental financial resources including implementation of a Local Economic Development Framework;
  • Improve financial management capability in DPWI;
Agile technology and enabling systems.
  • Improve the functionality of ICT governance, management and delivery mechanisms using COBIT 5 Capability Maturity Model (CMM).

Full Implementation of ICT Strategy initiatives as per the roadmap

Responsive and citizen centric Public Works Improved intergovernmental relations and engagement with citizens; and
  • Undertaking Outreach Programme by engaging citizens to hear their concerns and expectations and ensure that they are responded to;
  • Partake in intergovernmental structures to eliminate fragmented approach to the developmental agenda of government;
A Positive Public Works Brand
  • Implementation of the DPWI communication plan;
  • Managing PW brand by reducing negative media reports; and
  • Ensure 100% response rate from the Presidential and Departmental Hotlines
From Poor…to thriving citizens Transformed and inclusive property and construction industry (built environment) Optimizing entrepreneurship for socio-economic transformation of emerging SMMEs (Cooperatives, emerging contractors, town and village economies) and HDIs in general
  • Prioritising local suppliers, manufacturers and / or contractors (including EMEs and QSEs) in the Departmental procurement;
From inequality …to equal access to descent standard of living(economic activity, employment, quality education) Prioritise Skills development to support growth in targeted sectors of the economy as well as economic inclusivity and employability of youth
  • Up- skill and re-skill DPWI employees through Professional, Technical & Leadership Development Programmes.
  • Implement an Internship programme to expose graduates and TVET learners to workplace experiences.
  • Initiate built environment skills through a Schools Support Programme and offering bursaries to deserving candidates.
Ensure Employment Equity to bridge disparities for designated groups
  • Prioritizing the designated groups to bridge the equity gap in SMS appointments.
  • Prioritizing designated groups in general appointments.
  • Develop and implement a policy on beneficiation of designated groups.