Ms. Akhulule Ndonyana Professional Construction Project Manager Reg. (SACPMP)

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Based in Head Office, Bhisho, Akhulule Ndonyana joined the department six (6) years ago with a B-Tech in Quantity Surveying from Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) at the tender age of 21 as a departmental ex-bursary holder. She is now a Professional Construction Project Manager who recently registered with the South African Council for Project Management Profession(SACPMP) as a Professional Construction Project Manager.

“Being a young female in this male dominated industry is very challenging but the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure helped me to build my confidence and entrusted me with several big projects for different client departments. This gave me the privilege to build my profile.” said Ndonyana.

Having worked on several projects in the past six (6) years, the one project she is proudest of, is the Libode Public Library. “When we talk about a successful project, it must be a project that meets the given standards, is completed on time and within the budget” she said.

She did not mince her words when she gave advice to other young people who wish to join the construction industry. “The construction industry is a very dynamic, evolving, exciting with so much diversity and opportunities. It is how we choose to contribute, that brings the value.

Article: By Luvo Sandlana

Picture: By Luvo Sandlana