MEC debates with young people in Construction

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The Hon. MEC hosted Youth in Construction  dialogue in Chris Hani Region where she engaged with youth who are in the Construction industry about opportunities available for them in the department and also to promote the development of young entrepreneurs and Small Medium Micro Enterprises.

Phaphama Mnqandu who encouraged young people to be registered professionals said that the current statistic of registered professionals is very low. In South Africa unemployment is very high. We as young people must build capacity of Enterprises. We need to skill and develop ourselves. It does not end when we attain our professionals. We need to plough back to our communities so that the next generation know about careers in the Built Environment such as Quantity Surveys and the bursaries offered by the department

A bursary beneficiary of the department, Luvuyo Nkwentsha, said to young people “I come from humble beginnings, living in a garage with my 6 siblings and family members. After completion of my studies, I managed to build my parents a double store house. Currently I am at the centre of the Built Infrastructure in the department because of my dedication to this industry. Today, I am a qualified Quantity Surveyor and I am leading the Green building initiative in the Province. Resources are there but they need us young people to use them to the best of our abilities”.
Hon.MEC Pemmy Majodina said “We are gathered here today because of the role young people played during the times of the likes of Solomon Mahlangu. We need to remember that we are free today and have all these opportunities because the likes of Solomon Mahlangu died for the freedom you now have”.

The Hon. MEC opened the floor for young people to raise issues affecting them in the built industry. Nosisa, an APTCoD learner, said “I want to thank the department for the opportunity granted to me as I was provided with training and capacited with skills and now I am a qualified Artisan in the electrical trade”. She requested the department and other stakeholders to observe her as a mentor.

She said she is capable, eager to learner and she is willing to volunteer as long as she is making and uplifting other young people. She voluntary mentored other leaners assisting them with passing the electrical trade test to qualify as Artisans.

By Sipokazi Ncanywa