“Let Public Works footprints be felt by all” said MEC Pemmy Majodina as she addressed staff members

You are currently viewing “Let Public Works footprints be felt by all” said MEC Pemmy Majodina as she addressed staff members

Second-timely appointed MEC for the department, MEC Pemmy Majodina, did not mince her words as she addressed top management and staff members at the Pick and Pay boardroom and Canteen respectively.

The first meeting with the top management was to get the pulse and heartbeat of the state of the department, key challenges and turnaround plan to those challenges.

“I know that roads have left. I want to check if the mandate has been redesigned to fit Public Works. We are about servicing the public, the word PUBLIC must resonate with the mases of ordinary people of the Eastern Cape, the poor of the poorest” “We must bring hope to our people, as we are faced with the triple challenges of unemployment, inequality and poverty”

The MEC wants to meet with top management members, regional directors and their management to draw up an implementation plan of the policy speech, check alignment of the Annual Performance Plan (APP), Operational plans and Service Delivery Improvement Plans (SDIP) so that if there are amendments to be made to the Legislature, she can expediently undertake that process.

MEC Majodina said in her 1st 100 days she will visit all regions to get the pulse of the challenges in regions. She gave marching orders that within 100 days all projects for launch and handing over must be packaged. Each month we must have a theme based on 100 days’ centenary for tata Mandela and mama Sisulu, 24 representing the years of freedom , 67 representing the Mandela’s years of unbroken service in the struggle, 27 years representing Mandela’s years in prison.

On programmes she stated that we must make “Eastern Cape proud of Public Works” as most people still call the department “Works”. “It must be us who does that, we have no reason not to shine”

In the Expanded Public Works programme (EPWP) the department must check if equipment to work is available, people are paid on time and buildings are better off than they were before” “We must make the journey together as we are in the last mile of the 5th term of government”

MEC urged the department to forge good relations with the Legislature “Prepare reports, quality check, do not mislead, admit wrongdoing and attend legislature meetings” she emphasised.

She expressed that the office of the HOD and MEC should work hand and glove. The offices should complement each other rather than compete with each other. That the department must have a clear slogan, that of being a caring department”

In parting to greet the staff members waiting at the canteen the MEC said “Let Public Works’ footprints be all over, we must journey together to take Public Works forward and serve our people with a smile”

Important dates currently on the MEC agenda are as follows:

22 May 2018: Extended Top management meeting

24 May 2018: Meeting with Strategic Management Unit

29 May 2018: Meeting with Organised Labour

31 May 2018: Provincial Stakeholders meeting

5 June 2018: Joint meeting with Roads, Department of Transport, Office of the Premier and Treasury

7 June 2018: Clear action plan and blue print on the Policy speech implementation plan

All programmes and regions are required to submit all plans for consolidation in the MEC Office. The MEC works on calendar of events.


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