Imvuselelo yooMama Bomthandazo: Women’s Prayer Revival at Flagstaff uplifted women of the Province.

You are currently viewing Imvuselelo yooMama Bomthandazo: Women’s Prayer Revival at Flagstaff uplifted women of the Province.

To mark the end of women’s month, the Eastern Cape Provincial Government in collaboration with the Department of Social Development hosted (Imvuselelo yooMama bomthandazo) Women’s Revival in Flagstaff in the former Transkei.

Amongst the people in attendance, were the members of clergy, congregants from different congregations, government officials including those from Department of Roads and Public Works.

This prayer session came as a result of several incidents of brutality including murder of women and children, mostly committed by young men known as amavondo in Port St. Johns, Lusikisiki, Flagstaff and surrounding areas.

The prayer session, hosted by the Social Development MEC, Nancy Sihlwayi, at Siphaqeni Circuit Methodist Church of Southern Africa was to shape the minds and attitudes of young boys towards women.

“We are here today in Flagstaff, Ngquza Hill local municipality, following several incidents of brutality in this area, we are here to commemorate women’s month and salute women who fought against the oppression of women and children, in this constitutional government we are saying that there is still a long way to go as there are still women who are oppressed” said Sihlwayi. 

She added saying “the Premier has decided to change the programme that was supposed to be in Alfred Nzo Municipality, to be here in Flagstaff due to the outcry of brutal killings of women and children in the Mampondweni area”.

She further explained that government had conducted door to door visits to damaged households, even the houses that caught fire. “Today we have invited church leaders to pray for those who lost hope, those who are the victims of amavondo( a group of young boys killing people)  and to ask God Almighty to intervene”.

MEC, Nancy Sihlwayi further urged the church ministers to pray under the following social ills:
· Substance Abuse
· Rape and Murder
· Poverty and Unemployment
· Peace and Stability
Sihlwayi later handed blankets to the victims of the fire.

By: Nasiphi Dingiswayo and Yolani Jack