“Touch base as leaders so you can be relevant to the people”

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The Special Programmes Unit with the management of the department held a two-day induction workshop for men, women and youth fora representatives from all Regions and Head Office at Mpekweni Beach Resort.

Zukhanye Satyi, Director at the Office of the Head of Department, stated that the forums were formulated after the Hon MEC Pemmy Majodina found out that there was a discord in the department. She engaged with staff members and discovered that there was no social gathering to bring a sense of togetherness within the department. The workshop was to review the terms of reference and establish a programme of action for each forum.

“The forum is not a place to discuss problems neither a place to complain but it is a place for growth and excellence” said Satyi.

Zola Nazo, directing the programme, commented “We are trailblazers do not underestimate your role in the department”.

Nozibele Majikija, the Chief of Staff in the department, encouraged the forums to “Touch base as leaders so they can be relatable to the people”. The forums must know their base and become agents of change.

“If you cannot lead yourself, you cannot lead others, if you do not have confidence in yourself, you cannot have confidence in others” said Acting HOD Mahlubandile Dickson Qwase as he was the motivational speaker for the day. He further added, “The leadership of the forum is not a status but a responsibility.”

The Department of Sports, Recreation, Arts and Culture (DSRAC) youth, women and men fora representatives shared their best practices on how they successfully implemented their program.

Their men’s forum supports initiatives against violence for women and children and breast cancer awareness since men also suffer from breast cancer. They advised that objectives of the fora must align with government policies in order to implement community programmes.
 Women’s forum promotes participation of women in the department in order to build their self-esteem, empower them financially, spiritually through workshops and outreach programmes. Their slogan is “We are women of excellence”

The youth forum has initiated the soup kitchen project at a squatter camp and they donated clothes to the disadvantaged community. The youth forum also created a prayer vigil for gender based violence, also involved in projects of giving away sanitary towels for underprivileged kids. Other fundraising projects that are coming up include talent shows and car wash.

The Hon MEC, Pemmy Majodina, informed Fora members that they were elected because of the good qualities that their colleagues had observed in them. The Hon MEC told those elected that they had been accorded trust by their colleagues and that they should make sure that they are honest at all times when performing their tasks. The Hon MEC advised

By: Pumlisa Royi and Nokuzola Mbuqe