Programme 2: Immovable Asset Management

Purpose: To provide a balanced and equitable provincial government building infrastructure by promoting accommodation that is sustainable, integrated and environmentally sensitive, which supports economic development and social empowerment and providing specialist services to client departments in terms of building and infrastructure planning, design, construction, management and maintenance and to play an “implementing agent” role for client departments in relation to their individual building and infrastructure needs.

Overall Programme objectives: The programme provides advice to client departments in terms of their infrastructure needs. This includes professional advisory services (architects, civil engineers, etc.), infrastructure planning and design and construction management and control as implementing agent on behalf of the client department. In addition to this, the programme pro-actively manages and maintains the provincial government property portfolio and ensures that land and buildings are accounted for, are effectively utilised (where possible) and are maintained in relation to the required norms and standards. Furthermore, the programme is responsible for government office space and all aspects of property management, facilities management and external lease and contract management (where applicable) Programme 2 contributes to the Strategic Goal 2: Immovable assets management regime fully responsive to needs of provincial government and its socio economic transformational agenda by 2020.

9.1 Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objective 2.1 To improve project management capacity in relation to infrastructure coordination, planning, implementation and maintenance for DRPW and other Departments by completing 1000% of projects (new, rehabilitation and refurbishment) within agreed time period and 90% of projects within approved budget by 2019/2020
Objective statement To ensure the adherence to professional and technical standards in infrastructure delivery and maintenance for the Eastern Cape Provincial Government
Baseline As at the last financial year the Maintenance and General Portfolios have managed to complete 70% projects within agreed budget and within agreed period. This is because the budget of their projects is within the Department. The Education and Health Portfolios, whose budgets are with the client Departments, have hovered around 40% – 50%.
Justification A well capacitated department in terms of professional and technical capacity will ensure that the client departments are serviced better by the organisation.
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Strategic objective 2.2 Verify 10 000 (5 year target) assets in the asset register to ensure complete, reliable and accurate information in relation to the provincial property portfolio by 2020.
Objective statement To effectively and efficiently manage the provincial government property portfolio, there is a need for complete, accurate information. This will allow the DRPW to make critical decisions in relation to immovable asset lifespan, resource planning, maintenance and disposal.
Baseline The baseline as at the end of the 2014/15 financial year was 4000.


Justification The asset register is an indispensable tool that ensures that government is aware of all immovable properties at its disposal.
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Strategic objective 2.3 To ensure the effective and efficient use of the provincial property portfolio to facilitate the attainment of service delivery and socio-economic objectives by identifying at least 20properties for revenue generation purposes by 2020.
Objective statement The DRPW is the custodian of immoveable assets for the Eastern Cape government. The effective and efficient management of this property portfolio is to support service delivery objectives of the provincial government and facilitate the attainment of socio economic objectives
Baseline New Indicator
Justification The executive Council took a resolution that mandated a collaborative effort on the part of government departments and municipalities to ensure that these small towns are revitalised to create socio-economic upliftment of the population. DRPW will use its property portfolio to yield socio-economic spin-offs for the communities as well as for the department.
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Programme 2
  • Outcome 6 NDP Chapter 4: Support an efficient, competitive and responsive economic infrastructure network
  • Outcome 8 NDP Chapter 8: Create sustainable human settlements and improved quality of household life
  • PDP Strategic Goal 1: A growing, inclusive and equitable economy
  • P-MTSF PRIORITY 1: ECONOMY AND JOBS Transforming the economy to create jobs and sustainable livelihoods
  • PDP Strategic Goal 5: Capable, conscientious and accountable institutions
  • P-MTSF PRIORITY 7: GOOD GOVERNANCE Strengthening the Developmental State and Good Governance
  • PDP Strategic Goal4 : Vibrant equitably enabled rural communities
  • P-MTSF PRIORITY 6: SOCIAL COHESION Integrated human settlement and Building Cohesive Communities
Immovable assets management regime fully responsive to needs of provincial government and its socio economic transformational agenda by 2020.
  • 100% of projects (new, rehabilitation and refurbishment) completed within agreed time period by 2020;
  • 90% of projects completed within approved budget by 2020;100% of leased accommodation (leased in) provided within agreed time period by 2020
  • 20 properties identified for revenue generation purposes