Programme 1: Administration

Purpose: To provide leadership, administrative, strategic, financial and corporate support services to the core programmes of the department in order to ensure that it delivers on its mandate in an integrated, efficient, effective and sustainable manner. Programme Overall objectives: The programme aims to ensure effective leadership, management and administrative support to the Department of Public Works by providing direction, guidance and support-related functions for the implementation of the departmental strategy. Programme 1 contributes to the Strategic Goal 1: Effective and Efficient administrative capacity fully responsive to the Department’s mandate by 2020.

Strategic objective 1.1 To maintain an effective and efficient administrative system that supports political leadership and oversight by obtaining Level 4 score on MPAT by 2019/20.,
Objective statement To create a well lead, guided and informed organisation that allows public participation, effective monitoring and transparency resulting in consistent performance and delivery of high quality services. This will be achieved through:

  • Strengthening of internal control,
  • Improvement of risk management and
  • Ensuring functional and effective governance structures
  • Establishing and maintaining an effective and efficient strategic and programme management system that facilitates continuous performance improvement in the department
  • Effective oversight that promotes accountability in support of service delivery
  • Adopting sound human and financial management practices
Baseline The current assessment of management effectiveness rates the department at level 2 depicting deficiencies in internal controls and general administrative practices.
Justification Decisive and effective management practices will ensure efficient operations of the department in delivering quality service and accountability to the provincial public. A shift towards and integrated approach will ensure successful implementation of the strategy and improved service delivery
Links This will directly support programmes 2, 3, and 4 including client department’s operations


Strategic objective 1.2 To ensure effective and sustainable management of departmental resources to attain clean administration by 2019/20.
Objective statement To enable prudent and ethical management of the department’s resources by ensuring that all divisions use resources efficiently and operate with fiscal responsibility and discipline as directed by the relevant legislative framework.

Capacitate the department by effectively implementing recruitment, retention and talent management strategies including 100 % implementation of the Annual Recruitment Plan and maintaining a vacancy rate of less than 10% .

Build Information system that will ensure credible, secure, valid, complete and accurate information underpinned by corporate governance of ICT.

Develop and maintain effective and responsive procurement system as a key lever towards judicious financial management and service delivery excellence.

Ensure compliance to all prescripts governing administration of the department

Baseline At present a number of functional areas within the financial environment of the department are experiencing efficiency challenges as confirmed by qualified audit outcomes.
Justification A sufficiently capacitated and skilled support function will guarantee an efficiently and prudently administered and managed departmental resources resulting in high quality services while observing and complying to good corporate standards and norms
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